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Luanda, Angola- 2011/2013


OPERA | Design Matters has been selected to design a new 27th floor tower on Nossa Senhora da Muxima Street, downtown Luanda. This tower includes offices spaces, luxurious apartments and 6 parking levels in the basement. The tower construction, 63.610 sqm of above ground area and 22.127 sqm in the basement, began last year in early September, only six months after government approval.

This building aspires in its constructive characterization and formal treatment to individuality in the iconography of the modernization of Luanda. The composition and the materialization character, deliberately abstract, dialogue with the urban environmental structure in which it operates, avoiding conflict of scales and claiming it as a distinctive object.

The facade is covered by a system of metal prismatic flaps with triangular section, which has different finishes on each side. These fixed components vary its position by a rotation of  5° in both, horizontal and vertical, developments. This means that there is a gradation of colour and reflectance. The obtained plastic and kinetic value suggests different perceptions according to the observation point, the solar variation and the conditions of natural or artificial light.

Ground floor is intentionally permeable with several openings to the interior courtyard. Apartments, offices and restaurant accesses were deliberated separated, and this attitude comprises the various sets of lifts. Therefore, in addition to the technical areas and a small commercial space supporting residents, this level is exclusive to the three atriums, emphasizing their integration.

Basically, the building is composed of two overlapping volumes:

The lower volume covers almost the entire plot area. It includes the ground floor and seven office floors surrounding the central courtyard with an organic geometry.

The higher volume, with a “L” shape, keeps the formal facade continuity on the main streets and tower over the lower volume. The eighth floor, occupied by a restaurant and social areas which support apartments, benefits from a terrace that covers part of the lower levels as a space for enjoyment and outdoor recreation areas. Floors 9 to 26 are reserved for 233 apartments. The last 2 top floors are luxurious duplex, with larger areas and typologies, setting up penthouses.

Click on the images to view  the Apartment and Ofice Towe on Nª Srª da Muxima Street

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