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SMAS Oeiras e Amadora - Amadora, Portugal - 2006/2012



The construction of the New Central Pumping Station of “Fonte dos Passarinhos”, Phase 1, is in the final stage and is scheduled for completion even during the present year. The project of the New Central Pumping Station of “Fonte dos Passarinhos” is availed by OPERA | Design Matters as the opportunity to intervene and resolve, in a global and consequent way, an urban problem, characterized by a high discontinuity and urban decontextualization, responsible for the degradation and disqualification of the entire block where it is located. 

Simultaneously, it may allow the creation of a socio-cultural infrastructure which supports artistic, educational and civic activities, embracing in terms of age groups, while it could provide more public space to the city - a garden that articulates all adjacent urban areas.

This attitude may be appropriate as the theme that allows the Municipality to requalify all that urban area, in a Future, through its appreciation and connection to the Adventure Park which is adjacent to the Pumping Station block.

Once the new Water Pumping building is located in an individualized plot and once it could be an community reference, it must be assumed as a symbolic key element, polarizing and generating important interactions between the community it serves.

The New Water Pumping Station of “Fonte dos Passarinhos” deployment plot presents an approximately rectangular shape, with about 450 sqm of land area, and a gross building area of 1,200 sqm, which 315 sqm constructed in Phase 1, assigned to the Pumping Station and 885 sqm, to be build in a Phase 2, assigned to the Interpretation Centre.

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