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Architecture Project Approved by the Futungo Office




This project is part of a trapezoidal plot of 54 500 sqm, at Futungo de Belas, in the municipality of Samba, about 13 km from the centre of Luanda.

The Futungo de Belas Office developed a plan that structures and organizes a wide area of intervention, where this plot is, which, according to the called instrument of territory design, is composed by housing and, separated by a street adjacent to a green band, these three batches of mixed use that form a unit intervention that works as a urban front to Benfica Road.

There is a clear intention of the Plan responsible team  to create a low constructed filter with  visual permeability between the main street and the tissue occupied by dwellings which go up to the coastline. Therefore, there were provided a set of eight parallelepiped pieces perpendicular to the track, each one with two floors of services and a penthouse floor (T4 type) on a commercial basis. The careful use of natural outstanding allows the inclusion of semi-covered parking in basement, without visual impact to the streets.

To give unity to the group and reinforce the urban character of the filter, but without presenting any visual obstacle, there was created a major flap that unites all these parts in a superior way.

It has 27 167 sqm of gross floor area above ground and 12 263 sqm in semi-basement.





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