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There is on the May's AICEP magazine - PortugalGlobal - an article about OPERA | Design Matters, titled "Partnerships potentialize oportunities and global expansion of Architecture / Parcerias potenciam oportunidades e expansão global da Arquitectura", written by José Soalheiro.


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Launch of the Construction Tender






After a year of project there will be launched the  construction tender for this infrastructure, launched by Ministry of the Environment of Angola.



The building incorporates the Technical, Administrative and Management Services of the National Biodiversity Institute, but simultaneously offers to the population, which is wanted to be environmentally conscious, support facilities, eco-cultural dissemination and a space for community reflection.


These wishes are mirrored in building organizational structure: the building appears as a structure of many arms that emerge from the green spaces and become autonomous from the ground, without losing the green texture that cover them. Its inclusion in a future park area near Avenue N'gola Kiluange, and integrating a set of existing lagoons, harmonizes with the intended character of this new Luanda’s lung.



The various functional valences extend from a central arm, to various "fingers" that dissolve themselves into the ground. The goal is to create a strong identity using a strong geometric shape, but complex and kinetics. Formally, this is the concept that regulates and justifies the construction. From the main entrance, served by a reception, people can access to a wing with an auditorium, foyer, showroom/museum, bar, dining room, the whole set of services. There is a deliberate intention to separate the working and investigation areas from public areas. A circulation axis goes across the building, organizing its accessibility, which is expected to be clear and unambiguous, to the various services.




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