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OPERA | Design Matters and PIEP - Pólo de Inovação em Engenharia de Polímeros (Entity that makes the interface between the University of Minho and Industry), are developing a solution for the future façade of "Água Vida" building - Winner of the International Competition promoted by SMAS Oeiras and the Municipality of Oeiras. This solution results from the symbiosis between formal innovation and research innovation in the polymers world, an area where the PIEP has accumulated extensive experience.

This combination of efforts allows us to advance from a stage of research to a stage of testing and prototyping phases that anticipate the production and construction.



The conceptual principle is based on the idea of "dressing" the building with a "fabric" which consists of about 30,000 ampoules, specially designed for this purpose, which will be fixed to their support (façade) by enough flexible rods to allow that the "skin" of the building moves, all together, by the action of wind.



The formal effect, largely abstract, together with the kinetic effect of the facade, will make the building a living being, changing every moment, by the variation of the environmental conditions: light, wind, color, brightness, reflection...



Click on the image to access SMAS Oeiras and Amadora - Preliminary Study of "Água Vida" building











Luanda, Angola - 2011/2012



OPERA | Design Matters is a partner of Surbana Urban Planning Group in Singapore (www.surbana.com) to prepare the Master Plan for Urban Conversion of Cazenga Sambizanga and Rangel, an area bigger than 50% of the urban expansion area of the center of Luanda.
The existing population is 2,450,000 inhabitants, which is intended to relocate in this site under this plan.
However, the purpose is to provide the territory with all the conditions and actual urban requirements for a population of over three million people.

Three main objectives guide the development of this Plan:

  • A Green City, a city with Urban Parks;
  • Attractive and exuberant urban parks;
  • A green roof above 35% of the territory;
  • Collection and retention of pluvial water in ponds and water plans in parks;
  • Child support and equipment every 200 m;
  • Green corridors linking urban parks;
  • Gardens and vertical coverage in buildings and equipment.
  • A compact Urban Environment accessible by foot;
  • A compact Urbanization without walls or fences around lots;
  • Mixed uses with dynamic experiences;
  • Equipment and services accessible by foot;
  • Attractive streets and public spaces with extensive pedestrian connections.
  • An inclusive community and self-sufficient;
  • A city of over 3 million inhabitants;
  • 50% of services and housing for middle and high income;
  • 40% of affordable housing for sale;
  • 10% of social housing for rent;
  • Creation of 30% of jobs in the services, commerce and industry sector in the territory.



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