OPERA | Design Matters arises as a natural continuation of the experience and national recognition, with more than thirty years on public works projects - universities, hospitals, cultural centers and exhibitions, among others - of the architectural office "José Soalheiro & Teresa Castro". Following the internationalization of this experience is created the brand OPERA | Design Matters, which intrinsic dynamics results from an open process which continuously rebuilds and renews itself, assembling multiple areas of expertise, resulting in a system that connects and interacts among several disciplines- architecture, urban planning, interior design, landscape architecture, art and technology research. OPERA’s objective is to create a flexible system, able to fully respond to any request in the design stage or earlier.


The acquired experience is highly diversified in projects of great and small scale and it includes, among others, Housing, Offices, Hospitals, Universities, Hotel management, Tourism, Industry, Retail, Exhibitions and Conventions Centers, Senior Equipment, Territory/Urban Strategies and Planning.